华迅国际专利商标事务所 50059 彰化市景宗街66巷18号 $ 04-762-9328 欢迎使用QR CODE 二维码下载             华迅国际专利商标事务所成立於2009年,位於台湾彰化市景宗街66巷18号,主要精办各国专利、商标及著作权等业务;服务的客户主要为彰化、台中、南投、台南、高雄等县市。 我们一直致力於各国智慧财产权的服务,在国内除配合专业律师提供法律顾问服务、民刑事诉讼代理外,亦不断透过各项在职训练的精进自我成长,期盼提供最专业的服务。 在国外业务方面,不管美国、日本、韩国、中国大陆、德国、欧盟或其他国家,我们皆与各国律师执业之事务所配合,提供客户专业的谘询、检索及专业的代理服务。 我们总是坚信最好的方针是要提供所有客户优质、及时和具有成本效益的法律服务,使得他们的智慧财产资产能够充分利用。自从成立以来,我们透过与我们客户的紧密合作,一直不断地满足我们客户群的需求、要求和期望。 我们谨以最诚恳的心提供客户智慧财产权的谘询、检索及代理各国服务,欢迎您随时与我们联系。 Huahsun International Patent & Trademark Office founded in the year 2009 located at No.18, Ln. 66, Jingzong St., Changhua City, Changhua County 500, Taiwan (R.O.C.) has specially established to perform Intellectual Property matters - Patent, Trademark, Design as well as Copyright worldwide and render services to our clients at Changhua, Taichung, Nantou, Tainan, and Kaohsiung, etc. Huahsun has being devoted to services related to worldwide Intellectual Property matters, not only cooperated with full-time lawyers in Taiwan for legal advisory services and civil & criminal litigation services, but also refined our skills via various on-the-job trainings for the most professional services given to clients. Huahsun also cooperates with worldwide IP law offices in U.S., Japan, Korea, China, Germany, E.U., and other countries, etc., providing clients professional services for consultation, searching and representing clients’ Intellectual Property matters throughout the world. Huahsun has always been convinced that the best policy is to provide all the clients with quality, timely and cost effective legal services enabling them to take full advantage of their intellectual property assets. Ever since establishment, we have been consistently meeting the needs, requirements and expectations of our client base through working closely with our clients. 




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